The Meaning Of Colours

Amber ~ develops pyschic skills
enhances your sexual drive
for communicating with spirits
for a deeper meditative state

Black ~ wards off negativity
removes hexes
protects against evil workings
for truth in magical workings

Blue ~ brings tranquility to the soul
banishes anger
heals the body and the self
for focus and relaxation before
protects against others

Gold ~ strengthens the mind
for intuition
for communicating with angels on
the higher realm
for money spells

Green ~ brings luck in business endeavors
attracts money
aids spiritual growth
heals the emotions
good for children

Indigo ~ useful when working with karma
for meditation
for psychic workings

Lavender ~ for spirital development
works against stress in the
home and work
calms growing cancer cells
helps bring peaceful sleep

Orange ~ promotes encouragement

Pink ~ attracts friendships
brings love into your life
to honor the self
for communication between the
self and the spirit
for self love

Red ~ enhances power
for strength to fight against the
for sexual passion and a passion
for life
enhances sexuality
relieves depression

White ~ purifies the soul
for working with spiritual guides
protects against dark workings
brings justice

Yellow ~ promotes learning in the young
and old
sparks intuition
brings understanding when
working with karma
for happiness in life

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