Psychic Healing Techniques

The psychic healers may use traditional methods and techniques for cure. Stone healing, aroma therapy, reiki, and sound healing techniques are some of them.

Stone psychic healing

has its origins in Native American healing traditions. There are certain types of stones, which when heated and applied to the affected part of the body, relax and energize it. Similarly, there are gems of various colors and brightness, which when worn in rings and lockets transfer the curative energy rays in concentrated form to the body and the mind.

Empathy and compassion “tremendous compassion” — are the two major curative factors which play a major role in the healing process.

Clairvoyance and clairaudience together play an important role in aiding the psychic in healing the patient. The psychic utilizes these two virtues to communicate with the spirit of a person—here too compassion plays the vital role.

Sound healing

It is another tool that psychics can use to heal a patient. Almost all the ancient cultures of the world, notably the Chinese, Greeks, Tibetans, and Indians use sound for healing. In India, correct pronunciation and intonation is mandatory for the recitation of special spiritual phrases called mantras. It is believed that incorrect pronunciations may vitiate the healing powers of the mantra. The power of sound in influencing the material beings has been proved beyond doubt in the laboratory experiments. The grains of sand acquire definite geometrical shapes under the impact of specific sound vibrations. The sound both vocal and instrumental, communicates with the tired and aching human spirit and relaxes and soothes it. It restores the lost harmony between the body and the spirit by producing a sympathetic vibration or resonance to bring the body back into balance.

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