How We Work

Whether a half or full hour, your tarot reading is tailored to your query. The half hour option can give a quick overview that focuses on a question you bring. The full hour appointment goes into greater depth, for either a general exploration or to examine deeply a particular matter.

General Tarot reading, half hour
This will show the main issues that will be arising over the coming three to six months. It will reveal whether the dominant theme is likely to be work, love, or family, for instance. It will indicate the sorts of opportunities and challenges that are likely to arise, and will provide suggestions on dealing with these most effectively. In a way, this reading is like a weather forecast. If you want to take a sampling of the upcoming months and see how life is going, this is the best option.

General Tarot reading, full hour
The main events of the upcoming three to six months are identified, as in the half-hour reading. However, because you have more time to go deeply into issues or expand your inquiry, the reading allows for greater exploration, with additional cards being drawn for more in-depth clarification. You can explore and examine different strategies and options which you are considering, and weigh up their pros and cons. You can see what responses are likely to be effective in light of future events and circumstances. This allows you to examine your options with more deliberation, reflection and examination.

Question-based reading, half hour
This is a great choice for when you want to focus on one area of your life, and have a clear question. This reading will show the likely outcome of your current approach, and indicate the basic factors surrounding and affecting the outcomes. You will have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions for clarification on your question, and your reader will give some advice on your best responses and actions. You can examine the solidity and validity of your current approach, or recalibrate your path, should the reading indicate that to be a more rewarding option.

Question-based reading, full hour
This is the deepest type of reading, in which the mastery of the reader is drawn on to the fullest extent. You bring a particular question, issue or dilemma for the furthest and most serious consideration. You are given, first, a clear outline of the major factors and upcoming events in regard to your question, including hidden influences. You have ample time and can ask for clarification on any angles of the question, and further cards are drawn to give answers. Finally, you can discuss in some depth the ways to best proceed and respond. If personal matters are being examined, you may prefer this option so that you have time for careful handling of emotional issues.



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