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Tarot Readings at Bewitched Readings

People choose to have a tarot card reading for different reasons: family, profession, relationships, personal development, and work matters are just a few. Whatever the issue, an ethical Tarot Card reader is always respectful of you and your life choices, as well as according you confidentiality and honesty.

Tarot readings with our Tarot Card Reader are held in great privacy, so you have complete confidentiality.

1. If you have come with a specific question, you may discuss this before any cards are drawn. If you are having a general reading, then you clarify this at the outset.

2.Your cards are laid out in one of the traditional patterns, known as layouts.

3.Your reader interprets the overall situation from the meanings of the cards, their positions in the layout, and their relationships to one another. You have the opportunity to ask for further clarification of any aspect, and your reader can speak in greater depth about these points, often drawing further cards on points for which you want more detail.

Your reader will always discuss with you what strategies and positive action you can take in your life over the coming months, and will conclude the reading with some outlooks of pro-active points for you.

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